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Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Our Bachelor’s Degree is one of the most unique and comprehensive Bible programs out there. You will not only gain a deep understanding of God’s Word, you’ll also be given the tools to effectively reach others. Whether God leads you into vocational ministry, education, medicine, or business, Eternity Bible College will train you for impact without saddling you with debt!

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No matter where you are, Eternity will help train you for more impact!

  • In-depth Bible Training
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  • Responsive and Relational Professors
  • Graduate without School Debt

About our Curriculum

Our Bachelor of Biblical Studies program is a four year program designed to take students 1) through the entire Bible canonically, 2) through all of history chronologically, and 3) to deeply integrate the Biblical story into the lives of people.  As a part of this program, students will take classes focusing on the history of civilization and the different philosophies and religions that have shaped our world.

Biblical Studies

50% of Bachelor's Program

Biblical Studies

One of the ways we grow in our love God is by learning His story as revealed in the Bible. That’s why half our Bachelor’s program is devoted to in-depth study of Scripture.

Theology and Culture

28% of Bachelor's Program

Theology and Culture

One of the ways we grow in our love of people is by learning their stories. For this reason our Bachelor’s program places a heavy emphasis on worldview, history and cultural intelligence.

Ministry Electives

8% of Bachelor's Program

Ministry Electives

Each year, we offer a growing list of elective courses that provide deeper teaching on certain topics, and/or address important discipleship issues facing the church.

General Education

14% of Bachelor's Program

General Education

18 units must be completed at an outside institution. This helps keep the cost down, and also gives students valuable exposure to other perspectives and worldviews.

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“Thankfully, my professors didn’t only teach me the Bible, they taught me how to listen and love better. They equipped me with the tools I needed to bring the Good News into all kinds of contexts and to all kinds of people.”

Ryan, Waynesville, SC

“I love that the heart of the school is to equip people for ministry through education and that they do so much to make it affordable. I can go to school, serve, and work for a non-profit, and still graduate debt free.”

Sheena, Seattle, WA