Book Lists

Registered students

Access the booklist for your courses by logging into your populi account and navigating to the syllabus for each registered course.

[Once you log into populi, click on ‘my courses’ and then select the course, and then the syllabus] The booklist is located under the heading ‘Reading List’ and it provides Amazon links to purchase the books.


Red Shelf is an online platform where you can purchase or even RENT e-textbooks.

Vital Source is a library of e-textbooks that you can purchase or rent titles from and access anywhere with capabilities for read aloud – notes and highlights – flashcard and review – and wikipedia lookup.

Kindle Cloud Reader — even if you do not own a kindle you can still purchase e-books through Amazon in the kindle format (oftentimes cheaper than the print version) and access the books through the Cloud Reader.

The Internet Archive — A non-profit library of free books, movies, software, music, websites, etc… This Library offers electronic access to books, among other things. If you create a free account you can check out books to access online. Here is an example of what is available.

Alternative resources for print textbooks (other than amazon), some of which offer book rental options for cheaper prices:

Campus Books — buy, rent or sell print books

Chegg Books — buy, rent or sell print books

eCampus — buy, rent or sell print books, with an etextbook option

Books Run — buy, rent or sell print books, with an etextbook option

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