Digital News Sources

These are links and subscription rates for various news outlets, journals, and blogs. The content areas covered in each of these publications will vary. Some sources cover just about anything whereas other sources will be more specific or cover a topic from a specific angle. Bias is often inherent in journalism just as it is inherent in being human – we can strive towards reducing bias, but cannot possibly be entirely unbias – that being said, as long as we are aware of the presence of certain biases, we can notice and account for them.

Don’t be dissuaded by sources that have high subscription rates… some will allow you to access a certain number of articles for free. Some also have low-cost temporary student rates, should you be interested.

Some pointers when examining sources of information:

Check the byline – who wrote the article, what are their credentials, what is their area of expertise

Check the date – how recent is the article and does the date affect the relevancy of the information to your research

Check the publisher/owner of the blog/website – money talks

Please note that the table below is searchable and continues for multiple pages.
SourcePricing Option 1Pricing Option 2
Wired$5/SIXmonths digital$10/year
The Weekly Standard/ Washington Examiner$119/year
The Washington Post$1/month (academic rate)$12/year
The NationAcademic Rate (with database)$14.95/year
The New Republic(with database)$20/year
Foreign AffairsAcademic Rate$24.95/year
The AtlanticAcademic Rate$24.99/year
The Wall Street Journal$4/month digital (student)$24/year
The Los Angeles TImes
Christianity Today$3/month$36/year
Newsweek$4.99/month 5 articles/month for free$49/year
The New York Times$4/month$52/year
Education Week$29/SIXmonths digital$58/year
National Review$69/year
The Economist$19/12weeks (student)$82/year
The New Yorker59.99/year
Associated Press Free
Desiring God ArticlesFree
Environmental News NetworkFree
Facts & Trends (Lifeway) Free
Gospel CoalitionFree
Gospel in Life QuarterlyFree
Grist MagazineFree
Info Migrants
Premier Christianity BlogsFree
Relevant MagazineFree
Tech CrunchFree
The Guardian Free
Voice of AmericaFree
Zondervan Academic BlogFree
Grace Evangelical Society JournalFree